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Starting Basement - Layout Advice

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I am about the start working on my basement and thought I would post the layout I had in mind hoping to get some advice/opinions on it:

I noted the original location of the bathroom rough-in to give an idea of how much I would have to move the plumbing, since I'm still contemplating whether it's worth it to move. I not really sure about having a window in the bathroom with my layout, but I figure this way there would be none in the theatre area.

I planned to have the rack built into the partition wall between the theatre room and bedroom as the plan shows, but after seeing all the amazing pictures of racks (including the non-AV variety
) I think I might have it against the back wall where the TV and speakers will be. This would also create a bit more room in the bedroom.

So how does it look? Any changes I should make? Should I make the bedroom larger, smaller (although it probably can't get much smaller)? It's probably tough to say since I don't have specific equipment picked out yet, but I think the TV is going to be around 50" flat panel.

Any advice would be appreciated. I'll try and post pics of my progress.
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Is that an egress window in your bedroom? If so, then I say make the bedroom larger and make sure it has a closet so you can call it a conforming BR when you go to sell. Should help resale.

Where are your surrounds going?

Looks like a good plan. If you don't want to move your rough-ins, I can say it's honestly not that bad having windows in your theater area.
Thanks. The windows are regular basement windows although I'm not opposed to making them into egress windows. The surrounds I plan on having them go in the ceiling.

Instead of a closest I was thinking of having one of those closet systems running along the wall where the rectangle is, especially if the space is freed up where the AV cabinet is supposed to be it would run all the way to the back wall.

I was physically laying out the space in the basement today and the bedroom does seem small as I thought it probably would. The thing is if I make it wider, I'm trying to be careful because I don't want the main area to be too narrow.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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