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Starting from scratch...help an AV noob.

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Ok guys.. I hope this is the right place to be posting this. Basically, here is my story. I'm 17 years old and I have a job working a few days a week making some money on the side while in High School. I've decided to start saving some money on building a theater/game room. I have a vacant room in my basement and haven't taken measurements yet but I do know that I want to completely transform it into an entertainment room.

The premise behind it is mainly for gaming...specifically my PS3. I don't know exactly what do get and where to put it. If you guys can walk me through with this stuff that would be great.

If I need to take measurements of the room then let me know and I'll come back with them. Aside from that I just need help on what I need.

I want to make the best out of my PS3 for Blu-ray and gaming. That means I need to know what is the best kind of HD TV at an affordable price. If I can get some lists of TV's that would be awesome. Also... I don't really know much about audio system outside of many games supporting 'Dolby 5.1'. If someone can assist me in this and some good audio set ups that would help to. Now this is the part that really confuses me... what else do I need? Is there some sort of unit that combines everything? How do I plug in all of the speakers into the PS3 and the TV?

I'll stop asking all of these questions before I get ahead of myself. I hope this initial post gets me off to a good start.
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Most importantly, how much are you looking to spend???
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