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Hi all,

I hope this is the correct place for a post like this! I didn't see anything specifically for home security but saw posts regarding security in this section so here goes.

I'm going to begin the first stage of what will be my home surveillance system and was wondering what people are doing for setting the recording and storage of recordings. The first camera I think I am going to be getting somewhat soon will be an outdoor foscam FI9828P http://foscam.us/products/foscam-fi9828p-ptz-wireless-ip-camera.html. I plan to get more foscams later down the road. this first one will be mounted on the front of my house and will have a clear shot of my driveway and be able to pan to my front door. I'll be running a cat6 line from my utility room in the basement from a 48port POE switch up into my garage attic and out the front of the house to power it using a splitter. Eventually I plan to put another one of these on the back of the house, one similar indoor model in my garage and few inside the house.

I'm wondering what is good software to use to setup motion/recording times? Also I'm trying to work out what the best way would be to manage my redorded video. I'd like to setup multiple locations in the home where the video resides and I'm wondering what the best way would be to accomplish this as well. The thought is that if the house is broken into and all my PC's are stolen then I have something hidden in a closet that is also receiving the video. I will most likely have the main PC setup hidden for the most part in my utility room with a large usb drive housing the main video. I have a min intel NUC that runs my plex system so I figured I could use that to also run the main surveillance software what ever that will be. I already RDP into that machine from multiple locations when I need to access it. But I guess I'm wondering what I should consider as far as how large will my data get for recorded video? It will be H.264 compression and probably will have them set to only record on motion and maybe set for continues recording while we sleep. Maybe save up to 30 day's out? Would that exceed 2TB do you think?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for cheap or free software? I've seen Ispy but never had any hands on with it. I did like the look of Sighthound but for more than one camera it's like a 300 dollar software package!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have to offer!
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