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Hello All, been lurking for a while and thought I'd seek your help in laying out a new HT system.


Just moved into a new house and it has a very open layout downstairs where the TV will be.  The main viewing area is 25'x14' and is open on the right side to the kitchen and dining area.  Tile floors and lots of windows!  The couch is about 12' across from where the TV will be mounted.  Hopefully you can get a sense from this pic, basically everything to the right of the boxes on the wall is open space into the rest of the downstairs.



I'm mostly watching movies but do listen to music on the weekends so maybe 70/30 movies/music split.  


I'd love to go to 5.1 right off but am willing to start with 3.1 and pay for decent rears later.  


I've recently had one of the Klipsch HTIB and it was good enough to end up in the loft for the kids, but downstairs needs to be something much more respectable!


I've seen a lot of recommendations for the Hsu Subs and was thinking of picking up this to start if it would be enough to fill up this space:



So keeping in mind that 5.1 would be coming in a few months any recommendations for something in the $1500 (trying to stay under 1750 but 2000 is not out of the question) range including receiver?  (Edit: Including receiver, excluding sub)
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