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i'm a newbie and will say hello to all users here.

my 1272 powered down by itself after about ten minutes. then it would only power up for a second and shut itself down. the error code was 0A. 24 hours later it has been running OK for 2 an hour so far. now the 0A again after 1/2 second.

some times i have the 02 code (when stop after 1 second) or 08 (when stop after 2 second)

i did the reset at the Y board (power on, standby) switch 1 off, then press the reset button for about 5 sec., switch 1 back to on.

i have the same error as before.

i saw the same question 2 years ago, but at the end of the tread it will no say what is was.

did i the reset correct? (here are different answer about the reset)

is there a place where i can find the repair manual or other stuff like that.

i can use any information.



sony 1272

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