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Starz: UPCONV = OAR; HD = cropped?

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that seems to be the pattern.

It's like they're mocking us :(
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I cancelled my Starz subscription (Comcast) yesterday after just one week, despite the promotional price of four months at 1/2 off. I had subscribed just recently to see the "Kill Bill" films and was totally disappointed with the picture quality (which was NOT HD).


The monthly guide information showed perhaps 98% non-HD. Of that, maybe 2/3 was BAD widescreen and the rest was BAD 4:3.

Even the 2% which was shown as HDTV were largely the worst titles in the universe, and the couple of non-losers that I actually recorded and watched were BAD transfers. I erased them all, not copying one to D-VHS.

Shameful. If you just look at the list of movies they plan to show, it looks great. But the implementation is terrible.
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They totally suck. If they didn't have LOTR EE's they would be worth as much as tits on a bull.
I get them for free for a few more months. Once I have to pay, bye bye StarzHD.
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