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Stopped by a local Wiz (CE chain in Tri-State area) store in Paramus, NJ tonite.

Here is the scoop:

- quite a few of direct view HDTV has made an appearance since my last visit. 32 and 36" models, retailing for $1700-$2000, with a sticker promising some rebates. RCA's new 16x9 DV HDTV (under Proscan label) looks really good.

- Many Toshis are now available, I counted 3 or 4 models. Wiz used to carry only Mits and Sony, so this definitely is a welcome addition. RPTVs range in price from $2500 for 40" Mits to $9K for a 65" (?) Sony.

- Saw a DTC100 for $530 or something like that. New Mits STB is also in stock, for $999, including dish.

- For the first time ever saw Fox Sports NY in HDTV (or one of those channels), with Devils playing (Boston ?) in Continental Arena.

They fed about 5 HDTV from one DTC100, in two-stage conversion. The first box converted RGB into component, and the other one fed the signal to 5 HDTVs in parallel. DID NOT LOOK PRETTY ! Washed out colors, pretty blurry too. I would much rather have one HDTV with a perfect picture than 5 with very marginal improvement over NTSC.

- For us, simple Bergen County folx, the paragraph above also means that Cablevision is most likely offering HDTV in the Paramus area.

- The salespeople have less and less clue with every time. This time I was told that HD MSG and FSNY are coming from .... drum roll ... satellite !

- Another salesrep was "working" a young couple. The husband seemed very interested in HD hockey, so he was told it is not a problem as

long as they buy a set. Not quite true, as one also has to live in a certain (very limited) area where Cablevision feeds the HD MSG and FSNY into the cable. Oh well ... Almost felt compelled to interfere and break the news. It is going to be tough to return anything back, as Wiz doesn't accept dish/STB returns.

Bottom line: make sure you educate friends/relatives about HDTV, as otherwise they will be MIS-educated by a local salesperson. If you or some1 you know is looking for an HDTV setup, Sear is the best place to go. There were numerous confirmed cases where people would lawball Sears with an Internet price quote and Sears would beat that price !

There is also a discount when one buys TV & STB combo ... Plus, the regular XX% off when one signs up for the Sears Credit Card ... can get yourself one hell of a deal this way.

Some1 I know is about to take the plunge, through Sears, and I will try to report about his experience.

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