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States Ebay Acct Needed, $$$ for ship to Canada!

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Hey guys, I'm a Canadian looking to get an AVR 247 off Harman Audio's Refurbished Ebay site, however they will only ship to confirmed addresses in the states.

If you have an ebay account and live in the northern states, and would be willing to buy it on ebay, i would be happy to send a cheque for a few extra bucks your way.

The auction should close around $200, plus $25 for shipping within the states.

I would pay for the shipping and customs for that to come to canada, as well as reimburse for whatever the person thinks is reasonable for the trouble.

And no, im not trying to screw anyone and get them to order it without payment, i really want to get one, however there is no possible way for me to get one even close to that price here. So please, have a heart and help out a northern brother!

Thanks So Much!

PM me!

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Sounds like a check will be coming from the nigerian prince!
Some things are just not worth getting on Ebay across the border, this is one example. I am a Canadian just the same, and I would prefer to buy stuff in Canada, even if it is more $$ initially.

Trouble is what about warranty> ? Nil. Ship back to the U.S.? Not going to happen for a $ 200 receiver. What about damaged in freight claims? Someone will blame someone else, while your money is tied up. Will you get resolution> ? Maybe.

Then there is the import fees... and brokerage.. so really it is not worth it in a lot of cases.
I'm afraid you'll get anyone to do that is pay them first, and have them be a reputable member here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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