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'static' burst in digital cable stream

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I've got digital cable, and I've noticed an occasional brief, sharp sound burst like static or crackling. I think I've only heard this with recorded digital cable (I also use the system for blu-ray discs and occasionally mp3s through the auxiliary ports on the receiver and I'm pretty sure it has only occured on cable TV streams).

If I rewind to the same spot, the noise recurs so it doesn't seem random. Could this be caused by an encoding or transmission glitch? I also see occasional video artifacts.

The sound issue seems similar to the description in this post

so I was assuming it could be a problem in the data stream (hopefully not my equipment!).

Thanks for any information
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If it happens at the same place on the recording the error is likely to lie in the received transmission.
I have about 5 CDs from a long time again, copies, that have harsh digital noise like this. Haven't heard much like it since then, it's nasty!

Yup, I would guess a problem with the recording onto the hard drive. Once you record it bad, it will play back bad every time. Welcome to digital failures. They do unpredictable ugly things rather than slightly degrade as analog does. Let's hear it for digital fly by wire airplanes!
Thanks for the comments.

It's definitely in the recorded signal on the PVR (or at least the HDMI output). I disconnected my receiver and connected the PVR directly to the TV and I get the same effect at the same point in the show on the TV speakers.

Has anyone else experienced this? It is occuring repeatedly during Sopranos episodes on a channel called TLN from Cogeco Cable in Canada. I'm not sure if it has happened on other channels/shows or not.
update: The cable company seems to have fixed this on their end after I called to report it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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