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step down transformer for AE100

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Hi All,

My AE100 has about 50 hours on it. No problems yet. But I have heard a lot about the bulb blowing up after 80 hrs or so. I am not using any step down transformer though this projector is expecting 100V and I am feeding 110. Should I be using step down transformer? If yes, where can I get one that transforms from 110 to 100?


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Run for cover...Another duplicate AE-100 thread ;)

Try doing a search on AE-100 AND transformer or AE-100 AND power...there have been some threads addressing this issue already.

Good Luck
I tried to find any info on transformer, but could not one. It's probably buried deep into the huge list of threads. I would really appreciate if someone could advise me on this.
"But I have heard a lot about the bulb blowing up after 80 hrs or so."

Where have you heard this?
First I've heard of the bulb blowing problem. Don't bother with the step down trans, spend it on a upc instead.
I found TH-AE100 uses same power at 120volts as at 100volts ( more voltage less current). This is typical of switching power supply. Actually it is safer using 120volts because it is further away from switching supply stall voltage (usually around 75 to 80 volts).
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