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I asked some questions about this process in other threads, and finally got all the info I needed to successfully create an svcd. In one of those threads, someone asked me to post a step-by-step explanation of the process if I could get it to work. I couldn't find that thread, and I figure someone else out there might be able to use this info, too, so here is my step by step process:

1. Use extract_rtv to extract mpeg file.

2. Edit out commercials with womble

3. Press the "record" button, which brings up a dialog with numerous options.

4. enter a name for the new file

5. be sure to click "all" to record the entire mpeg

6. click on "mpeg-2 program stream"

7. click the "video" button, which brings up another dialog

8. click on "vcd" or "svcd", then click ok

9. click the "audio" button, which will bring up yet another dialog

10. click on "vcd" or "svcd", then click ok

11. click "record" or "start" or "ok" or whatever it is.

12. go to sleep. On my P2-333, it takes about 8 hours to re-encode 20 minutes of video recorded at medium quality. I'm not sure if this will be any different if you record at extended or high quality, but it should definitely be faster if you have a faster machine.

13. When step 12 finishes, you should have a(n) (s)vcd compliant mpeg file, which you can now burn with your favorite burning program (I use nero).

note: steps 9 and 10 may not be necessary, can someone reply if they know this to be true? Please let me know if there are any changes I should make. I hope this can help someone, I know it would have made my life a lot easier if I could have found something like this.
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