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Steren 5x8 Multi-switch?

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Has anyone had experience with the Steren 5x8 multi-switch? A search of the AVSforum found no hits.

From the product description (below) it appears to be cascadeable and compatiable with the new phase 3 dishes. Are my assumptions correct?

"New generation DBS systems view and receive signals from satellites in multiple orbital locations to provide HDTV programming and local-to-local television programming. These multi-switches take the signals from two dual LNBs and the signal from an off-air antenna or cable television and distribute to up to eight satellite receivers. Satellite and off-air signals are separated at the DSS receiver using a diplexer."

Compared to the Terk BMS58, it appear not to have as rugged wx-proof t housing, but that's not a factor big factor, since I am planning to mount it indoors. The Steren is about $20 cheaper and more online merchants have it in stock.

I am also considering the Terk BMS58, but haven't found it in-stock.

Also are diplexers from different manufactures interoperable? If I buy the Terk MS must I buy the Terk Diplexers which are more expensive?


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I'd like to try the Steren 202-058 too, but am not sure whether it's compatible with a Phase III dish... The other thing is, the description for this item doesn't match the picture on most online merchants selling it (do a search for Steren multiplexer on www.froogle.com... descriptions say 4 outputs, but all pictures clearly show 8). Anybody here try it yet?
Fron the description, I would say that the Steren is NOT Phase 3 compatible. I would just go with the Terk. I have one and it is hooked to a Phase 3 dish and works great.

The main thing you need to look for in the description is that is Phase 3 compatible or that is cascading amp.

Go for the Terk, be safe!!
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