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Finally after a few years of savings, many months of hunting, sleepless nights and tough arguments with the Mrs, was able to put together a stereo setup. Ended up with a totally different system than what I had set out to have. The rack (of sorts) is DIY. For those with their eyebrows raised regarding the choice of finish, let me tell you that it is my 10 year old daughter's choice and hence I had absolutely no say on that. Waiting on some cables and minor hardware to finish it up fully. At work, so she is in storage now. Next step is to get the room done up along with some basic room correction.

From top to bottom:

Project Primary turntable
Sliding shelf for Laptop
Marantz CD 6006
RME ADI 2 DAC with Paradigm PW link streamer/DAC/Pre
Rega Elicit R
NAD 356 (not hooked up - part of my first gear)
Stabilizer/UPS/Spike buster

All RCA interconnects are SVS Soundpath. Mogami Coax and Speaker cable. Monolith Optical cable.


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