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Stewart samples; Is this normal?

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I have Stewart screen samples of StudioTek 130 and Ultramatte 150 taped to my wall. I'm using an Electrohome 9" CRT projector. Everyone has suggested using the Studiotek 130. The Studiotek color seems to be better than the Ultramatte 150 but the StudioTek picture seems to be soft and have less depth? The Studiotek 130 actually looks less sharp than my wall which has a lower gain than the 130.

Should the Studiotek 130 look less sharp and have less contrast? Am I missing something?

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I don't know about your wall but I believe that the 150 should have more contrast than the 130. The gain increase should give you that. This should give you more apparent depth due to the increase in reflectd light. I am presently using the 180 just for that reason. Many would crucify me for saying this but the added light translates into greater contrast and therefore more apparent depth and( to me at least )a far more engaging image.
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I would agree that the 1.5 gain should have more contrast but I a little confused about what I'm seeing with my wall as the screen. It is a textured sheetrock wall so maybe the wall imperfection/ruffness is causing it due to the darker valleys of the texture.


I read your post once again. It appears that I am seeing the same thing. Is the 1.5 gain screen actually providing a sharper image or is it just a perception thereof. I need to experiment more with the PJ contrast settings with the 1.3 gain to see the effect.
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