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Stewart screen mounting question

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I am going to be purchasing a Stewart Delux ScreenWall shortly and am wondering after its mounted how far the screen will be out from the wall. I am trying to figure out how far I can move the projector back in the room based on its throw distance, and I am basically at the max throw distance now. If the screen sticks out say 3 inches from the wall or so, this would help move the projector back a little bit more, probably just enough to help with an aesthetic issue. Can someone who has one of these fixed Stewart screens mounted on a wall measure how far from the wall the screen is? Thanks in advance.
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In the documentation I got from Stewart for my screen (due in a few days), the distance of the screen surface from the front wall is 3.6".

Hope this helps (it did in my case!!).

Stewart Luxus Deluxe Screenwall (no velux): my guess is about 3".

I own one of thoses screens and I'm saying "I guess" because I'm not using the provided wall mounts (ugly). Two of the four ear corners, riveted on top and bottom frames (a poor construction IMHO) came damaged while shipping so I definitively removed them (breaking them, sorry Don). My screen frame is fixed against the wall (with a small space which is due to bolt head thickness), so in my case the screen should stick out about 1" or less from the wall.

Hope this helps.

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