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I currently have Dish Network HD Turbo Gold package w/ America's top 250 SD + ethernet line connected to VIP 622 DVR and pay about $80 a month. I started working part time with comcast in the evenings in their regional call center (i already have a full time day job). With working for comcast I can get any cable tv package I want with any equipment for free. So I could save some money. But there's pro's and con's for going with comcast:

Comcast Pro:


Comcast Con:

They still use HD-Lite correct?

DVR isn't as good/less features than Dish Network's DVR

Service Outages

Possibly be on contract, would have to find out for sure

Not sure how long I will work for comcast. Plan is to save up money to use toward finishing my bachelor's degree. But who knows, just depends on how the training goes and if I can tolerate the customers calling in for support.

Dish Network Pro:

Not under contract

Good DVR

Never had a service outage

Only ever lost signal a couple of times during very heavy rains

1080i HD Signals

Dish Network Con:

$80 a month

2nd tuner on 622VIR DVR is connected to child's tv, but when recording, it has to display show on that TV, so the child gets upset when he can't watch spongebob and I have to put in a DVD

what do you think you would do in my case?

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Since it's free, if there's no contract, try it and compare the two together.
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