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AVS Forum readers would benefit from a sticky' that keeps track of all LCD televisions by year and by technology. The HD DVD and BluRay camps keep track of all issued disks, which are many with frequent changes. Similarly, it would be of value to maintain a listing of LCDs (and Plasmas also) since the variety of model numbers and key features is becoming confusing.

In a retail store it is easy to mistake last year's or earlier technology as that of this year. In a retail store, as well as a quick overview of the LCD forum here, it is difficult to discern the significant differences in many of the LCDs now available. To know that there are similar manufacturers who make the almost same' product under different manufacturer labels would helpful.

I thought I was reasonably informed and have routinely recommended to my friends that they read avsforum.com to compare Thread information in their search for a HDTV. Now I am in a search for an inexpensive 26 LCD for my son to take to college (in lieu of the bulky CRT). I am overwhelmed at the wealth of information on avsforum.com but disappointed at difficulty in discerning the basic choices and the lack of a single thread that would educate me on key decision issues.

It will benefit all to include a thread that provides a comparison spreadsheet display of each LCD HDTV grouped by year manufacture to include sub-categories such as:

· Manufacturer and Model Number
· Year of first manufacture
· Basic technologies (native resolution, 120 Hz, sound, 10 bit vs 8 bit, etc),
· Location in manufacturer's line (high, middle, bottom),
· Other similar manufacturers (Philips/Magnavox for example are made by the same company and can use the same remotes; used to be the same for LG and Zenith - not sure about now)
· Discontinued product?
· Significant issues cited by more than 5 AVS members (dead pixels, smearing, green push, DOA, etc),
· Retail stores that carry this model (not all retailers carry all sizes - for example Sears does not carry the 26" Visio but carries the other models). Some LCD HDTVs appear to be unique to a particular retailer.
· etc.

We need to assist with clarity all new visitors to the AVS Forum LCD section (as well as some of us older individuals who may not be as technically savvy as many of the AVS Forum contributors) to better enable everyone to determine their actual areas of interest and then more efficiently and effectively choose the associated threads that are applicable to their needs.
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