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Stock CPU Fan or not

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Hey guys I have a few days before my new MB arrives(had to RMA)to New Egg, the GA880GMA-USb3 on board video was dead. I am am looking for advice on CPU coolers.....the Stock cooler on the AMD 1100T is a noisy little devil. Maybe is was the MB fault not sure.

The stock cooler was running around 2000rmp(just my guess) the MB DVI was not working. I installed a video 9500GT card to see a post and the cpu fan went into hyper speed 6000rpm according to the bios...sounded like my wifes hair blow dryer. Removed GT card.....cpu fan went back down to 2000 (est).still a little noisy

Anyway I am looking at the following and would like your opinions...... my case is a Silverstone Sugo SG03B-F. The Silverstone NT06 cooler is made for this case it uses the PSU fan to cool the chip....you turn the PSU upside down and the fan now is attached to the CPU fins and it draws the heat into the PSU and out the back. The Corsair radiator could be attached to one of the cases front (2) 120mm case fans....both of these fans have wires long enough to reach the MB's cpu fan plug. I only have approx 83mm of space from the chip to the bottom of the PSU. The Scythe 100mm is thin enough fit and not draw the heat into the PSU.

Thanks in advance guys
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I think generally you wil find that the stock coolers are fine. Since HTPCs are low power devices, the CPUs run cool and the fans never really need to speed up much (so they don't make a bunch of noise).

I would just try the stock cooler and see how it sounds - no need to order a cooler now.

Regarding the GPU. You said it sped up to 6000 rpm then you pulled it. Did you give it a chance to settle down. My GT440 spins the fan up to full when I first start the computer, then it slows down to (silent) a few seconds later and I never hear it again.
I have an Intel Celeron E3200 and the fan runs at about 900rpm most of the time. It will spin up to about 1200 if its doing heavy CPU work, but that is rare. The case fans are much louder.
I ran it for about 10 min while I checked the Bios........The cpu temp was 42c the bios screen was the only thing running......not sure if 42c is a low number or not for a 6 core at idle.

I might wait and just see how new MB acts before the cooler change....just wanted to get ahead of it...just in cas the noise or temp becomes a problem.
42c is normal. I'm looking at CoreTemp now (on Core 2 Duo with E8400) and nothing running on computer and my temp is 41c.
Also, don't check your CPU temp while in bios. When in bios, the power saving features of a CPU are usually disabled, so the reading would be higher than if you are just idling about while in Windows.

I learned this when I upgraded my main computer to an i5 2500k processor. The bios was showing my CPU temps in the high 40's and low 50's - which is really high for idling around. With the stock cooler I was showing more appropriate temps of around mid 30's while idling in Windows. After some research on the internet, I learned the above tidbit about how CPU's operate while in bios.
Thank good info to on the temp check!
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