StormAudio is on a roll at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam. The French maker of premium home theater processors and amplification have four exciting announcements coming out of Amsterdam today. First up, and to me the most exciting, is the implementation of native 9.1.6 processing across its entire range of processors. That's closely followed by the introduction of the ISP 3D.20.ELITE ($16,000) 20-channel preamp/processor, which lets you implement a 9.x.6 system with independent bass management settings and EQ for multiple subwoofer channels, among other applications.

Additionally, StormAudio has announced a new four-channel XLR expansion module ($2200) that adds four additional channels to its existing 16-channel processor.

And finally, beginning in March, StormAudio will provide a microphone package that it is calling the “mini-kit” at no additional cost to the consumer. This kit contains a USB microphone, a pair of USB to Cat5 adapters, and a 5-meter Cat5 cable. The company says the kit is useful for remote monitoring and real-time analysis of the speakers as well as for performing Dirac Live room correction calibrations.

StormAudio is currently exhibiting at ISE 2018 at the dARTS stand (5-R80) where the ISP 3D.16.ELITE pre/pro is in charge of a 9.2.6-channel home theater demo featuring a 10,000-watt system.

Personally, I’m particularly excited about the implementation of 9.1.6 with native processing. I have an I ISP 3D.16.12 immersive sound receiver (it's an AVR on steroids, really) that’s on long-term loan. It runs audio in my reference home theater, where I review projectors.

I have informed StormAudio that I wish to implement 9.1.6 processin ASAP, as would any home theater junkie who found themselves in my position. I can't wait to check out Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D in native and upmixed applications through a 9.1.6 system. As soon as that’s up and running I’ll post an update.