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Hello Everyone,


I'm getting rid of my system both speakers and receiver for $300.00 as I moved into an apt and can't use this type of system on the 3rd floor as I will get kicked out. Everything works great but due to weight I don't really want to try shipping it. I'm very firm on this as I think it's a great deal for anyone looking for a nice system.


I'm located in Fort Myers, Florida Area.


The Receiver STR-DA3400ES has all components/accessories and is packed in original box like factory.


The speaker system is the SA-VE835ED plus 2 extra speakers purchased to be used as 7.1 system.


See pictures, original setup ran $2,500+ and these still sound great and have no problems other than some cosmetic scratches on the top of the sub-woofer and a few minor scuffs on the speakers. These speakers were all wall mounted and come with wall mounts and table top stand (expect for 2 I bought separately they only have wall mounts) and custom made 7.1 double wall plate if you want it.
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