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Having trouble with my Sony STR-DG510. Whenever I switch the source to Video 1, I get audio, but no picture. This is the first time I've used this input.

I have a single composite video cable plugged into the Video 1 input. The video source (a Wii) is good. Also tried another video source to be certain--same result.

More details:

I use component video inputs for my BlueRay player and Satellite. The output to the projector is also component.

To use anything plugged into the HDMI inputs, I have to also use the HDMI projector output--nothing comes out the component video out.

Since I am using a composite video feed from the Wii, does that mean the receiver will only send the video out of the composite out? (If so, what a piece of crap!) Almost defeats the purpose of having a receiver.

Is there something I need to do to enable composite video, or is the receiver is broken?

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