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STR-DN1070 Sound Field modes and Display

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I have a SONY STR-DN1070 attached via ARC to a Samsung Q80 TV. All media devices are plugged into the TV via HDMI and the only connection to the DN1070 is via ARC.
I have a 5.1 Audio setup.
My questions are:
1) ON the 1070, I can chose different Sound field modes by pressing the MOvie audio button on the remote. It cycles through PLX, NEO and some others. When I finally pick one, after about 10 seconds the display goes back to DOLBY D. THis is Normal? Is there anyway to see how my Soundfield is set. Source is either HDR from Netflix via TV or ROKU or something else.
2) Same thing with Music. Mostly SPotify. I can pick a SOund field of concert A, b, etc, but at the end the display goes to PCM.
3) Is there anyway to know what's being run through my receiver? Just want to verify that audio is setup correctly.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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