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Using an Apple TV and an IPAD 3, I recently started watching 3D YouTube videos by playing them on the IPAD and sending them wirelessly to my LG passive 3DTV using Apple TV screen mirroring. I have noted a strange effect that occurs SOMETIMES but not every time (even playing the same video):


Sometimes the 3D effect works just fine.  Other times, even with the same video that worked before, I get the this effect:


The image of the screen (viewed through the 3D glasses) is greatly miniaturized, and the entire miniaturized screen image comes WAY out of the screen (like in-your-face 3D effects, except that it is the whole-but smaller-screen that pops out).  If you look closely, you can also see that the video has depth going into the (smaller) screen image as well.


I once tried burning a 3D movie to a regular (non-blu ray) DVD with the same results. The source was an on-demand movie, and it was dubbed via the composite video jacks.


Does anyone know why this happens, especially the wireless Apple TV setup (and why it doesn't happen every time)?

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I think you are mixing many different playing systems / technologies and the different results are confusing.

But with You Tube 3D specifically, understand this-- You Tube has gone through many changes in their 3D player over the past several months. It has been quite frustrating. That makes it difficult to lay down instructions that work consistently. Added to that conflict, Apple Ipad You Tube ap has also gone through changes but most of the time I have used my ipad 3 for YT, 3D content has been not available at all. I was actually surprised when you said you had been able to see it. I don't own an Apple TV box but I have a friend who does and unlike the ipad, the YT player in the Apple Tv works for SBS 3D programs, at least it did last Fall the last time I played with it.

Your observation that the image is small was quite common defect up until recently after YT tried to add html5 compatibility to their player.

I guess all we can say is: with YT, "it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get."

I now use a WDTV for my 3D YT programs and it works great in the HT with the projector. But the WDTV Netflix app does not do 3D. There, I use the PS3. The PS3 does do 3D with their YT player but with my projector, and AVR the manual switching is buggy. If I manually select PS3 3D YT content the Projector wants to only see it as split screen 2D conversion to 3D and I have never been able to figure out why. The WDTV YT player works flawlessly for 3D.
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