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Strange Audio Recording from Ripped Blu Ray

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I have a Plex Media Server and use DVDFab to rip my Blu Ray collection. I recently ripped a blu ray movie (Aladdin - 1992) and when I went to play it on Plex (NVIDIA Shield as my client) the audio has a strange man's voice that says something like "Left Surround Right Rear Right Surround." It is only like 80% of the sentence and cuts out, but it happens every time. Is it possible it corrupted the audio track or pulled in something funny with it? I don't understand why it does it. The rest of the movie looks and sounds perfect. It is just for the first 3-4 seconds and then the movie starts. No other movies have done this to me.
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Anyone have a suggestion on what this could be? I may just try to rip it again, but it would be nice if someone had seen something like this before and could help me out. Maybe it is specific to Aladdin's blu ray release?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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