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So a while ago, I had received an Olevia LT37HVS LCD TV from a friend. He had warned me that when you turn it on, the speakers have this roaring static for something like 5 minutes. Well sure enough, a sea of static and demons was coming out of the TV and eventually subsided.

Our initial solution was to just keep the TV on, so that the demons could never be rereleased. Unfortunately even the holiest of grounds can be breached. After about a few months, the TV started to produce small waves of static, you know, the early stages of possession.

To fix the TV, we snipped the wires connecting the speakers to the powersource. However, we still hear a softer, more unassuming protest from these speaker-demons when we turn them on. It sounds like a muted version of the ocean spray loudness that happened before. So I'm wondering if somehow the speakers were picking up whatever was happening and spitting it out before we cut them off.

Sidenote (NOT audio related): The screen, for some reason also needs time to 'heat up' otherwise parts of the screen (particularly black-colored sections) have little red dots all over.

If you have any insight to this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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