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Hey guys,

I just watched "Almost Famous" and while watching some of the bonus material, the colors started going bad. It was as though someone was moving a sepia and grey filter over most of the image. Also color shading seemed to take on a rough low res look. It kind of freaked me out. I send the signal from my htpc (Win2005MCE) for all video. I changed to some different material and the color problem was gone. I also put the DVD into another home system with a 32" Sony Wega CRT television and Pioneer DVD player. It did look kind of bad at times on the tv, but I'm thinking because of the higher color levels, perhaps it's not as noticable on a regular tv. It's either that or something funky is happening with my pj or htpc. Since I've had the pj, it's not been touched by a pro, so the setup is less than stellar. Also, this is my first pj and I've still got some things to learn. I hope I'm not too vague with this description. One more thing that might help, my blue tube shows some burn wear, mostly a 2.35 - 1 aspect ratio, but also a static image. Most people don't seem to notice it, and some of the time I don't notice it either. But this issue that happened tonight is above and beyond.
We've watched several movies on the pj and have been generally satisfied with the image. Typically it's quite watchable.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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