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Strange crackly distortion but can't isolate the cause. Please Help.

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I recently noticed that I was getting some edginess to the treble on my sound system. A kind of lispy "crackle" distortion occurring at the peak of dialogue that was appearing on audio coming from both my dvd player and cable box.

At first I thought my center channel was blown but I got the same effect when I hooked up a different speaker. The same effect is heard when I run the receiver in stereo mode instead of 5.1 . I then tried replacing the digital coax as well as the speaker cable with no change. Finally I decided that my Onkyo 502 receiver needed to be replaced entirely so I hooked up a brand new Harman Kardon 135. Even though the sound was improved due to the receiver being much better quality, the crackle remains!!

I dont understand what else could cause this problem. I have tired every logical solution I can think of, including the replacement of the entire unit. Has anyone ever had a problem like this?


Receiver is Onkyo 502 paired with Athena micras.
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How high is the Master Volume settings on each of the AVRs..

The Onkyo 502 and HK 135 are entry level AVRs..

Both have limited power power output..

It sounds like your AVR playback level is too high...

And the amplifier is clipping slightly..

Also try to keep the center Channel trim setting at a more conservative setting.. In a couple of test reports for the Athena..

I noted that its impedance and sensitivity specs are on the low side..

Such as 4 Ohms and 85dB..

My recommendation would be to go to a higher powered AVR..

Just my $.02 worth...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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