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Strange display problem between HTPC and Optoma HD71

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I finally decided to upgrade my HTPC video card to support HDMI. Currently I am running a SVGA cable to my ceiling mounted projector, it looks good but from I read there should be a noted improvement upgrading to HDMI.

Here is how things unfolded.

- Installed new video card (1 Gb HD5450) in my silverstone HTPC (running a AMD quad Core 6Gb ram)

- Connected the new HDMI video cable from the video card to projector and booted up.

- PC booted and displayed a 640X480 image, so I started to install the proper video drivers

- PC re-boots, image shows in a purple-ish distortion

This is similar to what I see, I will get a actual image tonight.

Here are some of the trouble shooting steps I took.

- Tried removing drivers that came on the CD and installing new drivers from ATI's web page with no joy

- Tried hooking the same HDMI cable to a HD LED TV, image displayed as expected

- Tried a shorter different cable from HTPC to projector with no joy again, but good results when connected to a LED TV

- Tried adjusting resolutions on both the Projector and the setting with in Windows and the special drivers that install with the video card, no joy.

- Tried running the generic driver that Windows 7 picks but 1024X768 is the max resolution and my screen is 16:9.

- My only other source that has HDMI was through my iPhone with an adaptor, then to a HDMI cable, this works well on both the TV and the Projector, both units see the iPhone as 720P

Optoma's tech support was of no help, the tech just stated that if it worked on the iPhone it was working properly.

My thoughts are possibly flash the Projector, try to borrow another HD source like an X-box 360 or PS3 for additional testing. I have this feeling that this has more to do with the video cards settings but switched every option in my trouble shooing steps.

Hardware specs:

ECS AM2 mother board 2 Gb of DDR2

Phenom X3 8400 2.1 Ghz

Radeon HD 5450 1Gb

SilverStone Micro ATX case (ML03B)

Optoma HD71

generic HDMI cables known to work on flat pannels

Thanks in advance for any input provided. I did search a good bit on this but not sure what key works best address my problem.
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Would this question be better asked in the PJ forum?
173 clicks, either I have stumped everyone or I am asking a painfully simple question, can anyone help?
can you use the ATI driver and select the resolution to be 1280 x 720, native to projector. I assume you already tried that.

if it doesnt work, can you try 640x480 with ati drivers and see if that works, or work your way up.

do you have anything else connected to the gpu at the same time?
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Thanks for the response, I have tried all possible resolutions, it only work on the HDMI with a generic windows driver that only will let me select 640x480 or 1024x768
i dont have a projector, so purely suggesting things for troubleshooting.

1. handshake issues: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1204323/optoma-hd71-hdmi-blu-ray-problems

2. turn off deep color in amd drivers

3. is dvi an option to test?
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Originally Posted by aliaskary77  /t/1517272/strange-display-problem-between-htpc-and-optoma-hd71#post_24358456

i dont have a projector, so purely suggesting things for troubleshooting.

1. handshake issues: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1204323/optoma-hd71-hdmi-blu-ray-problems

2. turn off deep color in amd drivers

3. is dvi an option to test?


After trying everything possible I called Optoma asking them if there was ever any bugs reported, they held firm that no bugs or firmware updates ever existed for this projector, bunch of crooks. I will be calling them soon.
Did you try (in AMD Catalyst settings):

- different pixel format (my primary suspect);

- different refresh rates;

- correcting the underscan?

Is it just purple hue? I can't tell what is the display picture, and what is the artefact.

If puple hue only, I used to have this often with my passive HD5450 connected to an HDTV after a long idle with the tv off. Have not seen it recently, not sure what fixed it...
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Small update:

I contacted Optoma again, this time I was connected with a helpful agent and he talked to a technician and confirmed that there was a firmware update for blueray handshake issues. I would have to send the HD71 to them be updated, since the unit is old I have pay $100 for the update and 35 to ship it back to me plus what ever it cost me to ship to them. I bought this PJ for $200 used off craigslist so that is a no go.

I reformatted my PC and was able to get a clear image using the HDMI, but now I am getting black bars on 3 edges. The PJ see's the image as 720P just does not allow it to go full screen at any resolution setting. I have not messed with it since but I will still chip away at it till I get it rite.

As always any input is appreciated
New update, the 3 bar problem will not go away, no matter the settings I have tried


Here is an actual image, any help would be greatly appreciated
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Over scan setting in the control panel?

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Thanks mrfattbill, I read that about 100 places on this site but totally forgot to check that, I will try that next.
I got the problem resolved.

Horizontal hold was set at +42 and the over scan was at 90%. Once I adjusted both I am filling my entire screen with my HDMI cable.

Thanks for any help provided.

Cliffs notes recap:

Reformated HTPC

Set Overscan to 100%

Adjusted Horizontal Hold to 0
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glad you got it solved.

so it was an amd driver setting AND a project setting? was the horizontal hold default or something you set long time ago and forgot it was set? i often do that and try to document stuff.
The PJ is pretty new to me, so it might have happened with the PO, or the 1st time around I got frustrated enough that I forgot I adjusted that hold setting.

I actually has to format windows, pulling the driver several times did not help, I had other problems with this install of windows, it was time for the ol "nuke & pave"
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