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Hi all,

Tonight while playing with the set (Samsung PN42A450) it went into a rather nasty flicker mode & I thought it was clicking or some kind of sound. It was especially visable with no inputs to it (blank screen when just the set is on). Like the screen was flashing wildly for lack of a better description.

I had cycled the tv on & off a few times & turned my HD box on/off several times to see if it affected the 4:3 IR which seems to be gone now BTW. Maybe I shouldn't have done that.
I'd noticed it when turning the TV on. Anyways I figured to hell with it & let it run for a while with the cable on & now it seems okay but it was a little frustrating to watch. I've got the Break-in DVD running currently & will use it periodically during its first 100 hours or so.

I'm going to watch it for a bit as I have a 30 day return window if the set turns out to be defective. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? It might have just been a glitch but it was really bizarre.

Any recommendations regarding this or should I just cross my fingers & soldier on? I've had the set for about 6 days so far.

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