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I've had a curious problem for some time now with my Marquee 8000 that I've been unable to solve. The problem is this: On very bright (sky shots, etc.) scenes -and in the white screen test pattern), I get a faint, grey vertical band just a hair to the right of the screen's center. The band (not more than 1-2" wide) appears to run the distance from top to bottom of the screen, but seems more aparant from mid-screen to top. Covering individual lenses, it seems that the band is present through both the green and red guns. Hard to say with blue.

Anybody have any idea what I'm looking at and/or how to fix it? It's not getting any worse, but IS getting increasingly distracting for me.

Thanks as always for your time and suggestions!



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Say Paul

I would urge you to call the guy who sold you that thing and demand a refund!!! :D Then try this:

For gray scale setup for a Marquee projector, try this, this

is done in a darkened room:

a) Warm up the projector for 30 minutes. Input a signal

of 31khz or higher, or push UTIL, 1, 6, 2 for an internally generated signal of 31khz

b) Set Contrast to 45 and Brightness to 50

c) Go into Service Menu, push UTIL, 9, 0901, 1 (color

temp), 2 (6500^) Note existing Drive and G2 values

on a pad of paper before changing the values!

d) Set Red Drive to 35, Red G2 to 60. Push Enter to


e) Set Green Drive to 90, Green G2 to 60

f) Set Blue Drive to 50, Blue G2 to 60

These are typical Drive and G2 (background) levels as found

in new projectors. Using the # button, bring up the test pattern of different intensity gray blocks, also known as the Stairstep pattern.

g) Look at Stairstep for each color; raise or lower G2 for

each color until the second darkest square is just lit,

but the darkest square is not lit (lower left corner)

h) Push Enter until all three colors are on. Instead of

Enter, if you push Tint you can adjust each color while

all three colors are on. Raise or lower Drive for each

color until peak whites look okay (bright squares of the

Stairstep pattern. The Drive adjustment interacts some

with G2, so repeat step g) as needed.

i) Inability to see the second darkest square with G2

below 75 for any color indicates a worn or damaged tube.

The need to set Red Drive above 60, or Blue Drive above

75 also indicates weak tubes.

It is possible that the G2's may be set too high, or your brightness setting is too high.

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Smiling ear to ear - - - YGM!

Thanks so much for your quick post!

I'm going to print and head off to the theater to see what I can do. Will be sure to post an update here -AND- will email you (as I should have in the first place)!

Cheers (& thanks, friend!),


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OK, after following the above instructions, the band is still visible and here are the current PJ settings:












Could there be any effect created by the following: behind the screen is a window frame that is blocked by a 1/4" thick foam core sheet painted flat black. Would it be possible that the vertical center frame from the window is causing a darker reflection through the stewart 130 screen? Just a hypothesis....

Thanks again,

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