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Strange/Interesting Occurance with Cox DVR

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Strange thing going on with my Cox DVR, its a Motorola 6412 DVR, Samsung 56 inch DLP and Onkyo reciever. Setup is DVR connected to my Onkyo Reciever with Toslink for Audio and Component for video. The Onkyo switches the video signals to the TV, from my PS2 and DVD player and DVR. Only thing going IN to the TV is the component video from the Onkyo and cable in from a splitter.

Here is the problem. Twice now, once this week and once last week, the DVR locked up on me while trying to watch a recorded episode of ST Enterprise. It will play for maybe a minute or two, then stall and just freeze. About the same time my TV will turn off. The first time it did, it took me 2 or three times to figure out what was going on. Its like something is corrupted in the program, stalling the DVR and making the TV turn off. It did the same thing today. It played about a minute or so, stalled and then the TV turned off.

Now what I can't figure out is how, the only input to the TV from the DVR is thru the component video cables. I do have a splitter from the cable line that splits to the DVR and to the TV, so I can watch the TV independently of the DVR.

Any ideas???
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Did this just happen in the last hour or so? I don't know where you are located but I am in Chesapeake, Virginia and both my Cox HD DVR box and my HD box just received an update about 45 minutes ago. The update lasted about 20 minutes and the boxes would not operated while the update was going on.
This isn't an update problem, I have seen my DVR click and reset when they do that. This happened when I tried to play a recorded episode of ST Enterprise, twice now, once last week, once this week...

And I am in Topeka, Ks
Maybe its time to switch out boxes, one of mine started doing strange things a few months ago and the problems went away with a new box. My problems were different than yours but its worth a shot.
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