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Also posted this in the Roku and Display forums, in the hope that someone else may have experienced this and found he culprit.

Thanks in advance

I've been having an issue with my Kuro, when utilizing either my PS3 or Roku 3 (2015 version). I get green interference/static when I select 1080i on my slim PS3, or 1080P on Roku 3. (Seen here on right side of photo) But not when I select 720P. I don't get this when playing 1080P blu ray discs on my Pioneer blu ray player, nor do I have any issues with Fios.

They (Fios box, blu ray player, Roku, PS3) all go through my Denon AVE-591.

I thought it might be the HDMI cable, but I switched HDMI cables, and it didn't help. I also usd the HDMI cable that I use with my blu ray player, with the same issue I described above.

Anyone else come across this issue? Is there a setting I'm missing.

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