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Recently I've been getting this strange issue with my PS3 hooked up to my Denon AVR-688. When I'm watching Blu-ray movies I'll hear this brief popping noise every so often that I suspect is sound clipping. This usually happens when there's either loud background music going off in the movie or a lot of stuff going on. It happens well enough to annoy the hell out of me. Then I started noticing this was going on in my games too. It wouldn't even wait till there was a lot of stuff going on, if there was music (main menu), it'll have the .5 sec popping noise. On the receiver display, it's in Dolby Digital for these movies and games, even if I change the mode from DD to say stereo, the popping noises continue.

Blu-ray movies tested at this point: The Dark Knight, The Descent, Black Hawk Down

Games tested at this point: Call of Duty 4/5, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, Midnight Club LA

For the above problem I had this setup:

PS3 hooked up to Denon via optical as the AVR-688 doesn't process sound thru HDMI. In the PS3 sound setup, optical is selected and DD, DTS, 2 PCM modes checked with bitstream instead of PCM. The receiver is set on auto detect which mode is present.

So after much googling and tinkering, I came up with the following results:

For the blu-ray movies, if I change from bitstream to PCM the popping noises stop almost completely but did not stop the noises in games. Then I tried all kinds of settings on the receiver but did not help at all. So for the hell of it, I decided to try another 2 games: Killzone 2 and Red Faction: Guerilla. For these 2 games when I load in the receiver displays DTS instead of Dolby Digital as it did for the other games. The funny thing is that there were no sound popping or clipping in either of these 2 games. So I went back into my PS3 audio settings and unchecked Dolby Digital. Now when I go into one of the games that used to have the sound anomalies, the receiver displays Dolby Pro Logic IIx but the noises have stopped. So I suspect something is up with the receiver trying to output in Dolby Digital with those PS3 games.

I want my Dolby Digital back!! Someone tell me wtf is going on!!!
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