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Hey everyone, new to the forum and need help from experts
I need to ask for some more help, but this time i feel its a more complicated issue.

If i explain my setup first, it may shine some light.

I have sky q 2tb box (uk satellite box)

Sony 4k Bravia tv (end of 2017 model)

Sony 7.1 surround sound hdmi amp STR-DN1080

The sony amplifier has dual hdmi zones. Main zone is in my lounge, the second zone is in my bedroom.

The main zone works perfectly, but the second zone does not seem to work with sky q. If i run the second zone to display from another hdmi port, say my playstation. its works perfectly, but if set it to source or the sky q box, it works for around 10 minutes, then keeps dropping signal. its not watchable

Now heres the complication, if i unplug the new bravia from the amplifier, its absolutely fine. I did not have this problem with my previous tv which was an LG, but the LG wasnt 4k, but the sky q is set to 1080p output anyway.

Understand this seems a little random / complicated, but it is the sky q box that is somehow interfering with something, other wise surely the playstation wouldn't work with out unplugging the bravia?

any help would be greatly appreciated
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