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Hello all,

The following very long question involves VCR's and potential Electrical or Magnetic interference in my home. I didn't know where to post this, and the problem is so strange/spooky that my wife is concerned for my family's safety. The reason this process even took place is that we wanted to watch our wedding video and then transfer it to a PC. This Monday was the first time in this particular house that I hooked up a VCR.

Monday night I took a last-known working VCR and hooked it up to my 50in Plasma using std RCA cables. Without thinking I placed the VCR on top of an Axiom Audio Subwoofer (I know, probably not a smart idea) My daughter popped in Cinderella, and it played beautifully, watched the whole thing. We then watched our entire wedding video - no issues.

The next day my daughter went to watch Cinderella, and it wouldn't play. The TV displayed something like "weak or no signal". We tried other tapes and all said the same thing. I happened to have another last known-working VCR, so that night I placed that VCR on top of the other VCR (I still did not think about the subwoofer effect), and tried Cinderella. It played fine. I didn't have time to troubleshoot any more.

The next day, my wife calls me at work and tells me that the same thing that happened to the first(bottom) VCR is now happening to the 2nd. I immediately realized that it might be the subwoofer, and told her to take the VCR's to another room and hook them up to a small portable tv we have, using a different RCA cable. SHe did this, and both VCR's played Audio with just snow for video on all tapes (even ones that were never in either VCR.)

I was convinced that the subwoofer had fried both VCR's. Last night I went to Best Buy and bought a DVD/VCR combo player. I wanted to make sure my wedding video tape was intact and not damaged by all of this. I hooked up the NEW VCR in a third location in my basement to the small TV. Popped in Cinderella, and it played with no problem. I then decided I better try and digitize my wedding video, before something else gets screwy, so I carry the VCR over to my computer, install drivers for a USB capture device. Cinderella was still in the VCR. I hit play on the VCR and Capture on PC and Cinderella played fine in the box on the screen. I realized I had some settings wrong, so I made some changes and then tried it again. This time upon hitting play on VCR the black box on the screen filled with snow, I thought I screwed something up with settings, but then realized that the VCR was outputting snow. I couldn't beleive this, the VCR was 30 minutes old. I unplugged the VCR and brought it back to where I initially set it up to the small TV. Re-hooked everything up, and hit play - Audio with no Video...just snow. I tried 5 other tapes, all snow. This VCR was never near the subwoofer. How did I just fry a brand new VCR?

I stood there with my wife and as we were scratching our heads in disbelief the picture (now Airplane the movie), slowly went from snow, to distortion with some color, to color with graininess, then within 10 minutes to perfect picture, I even rewound to make sure the entire tape was perfect. So I then tried the first 2 VCR's again, still have all snow with audio on all tapes.

What is going on? Can some magnetism have been transfered to the new vcr from the Cinderella tape that was in the first 2 vcrs that were on the Subwoofer? Is the subwoofer even a factor. Can house wiring be a factor?

I really hope someone here can take the time to read this novel, and give me piece of mind....


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