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Strange problem with DVD playback...

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Hello guys,

I have an HTPC connected to my Sony STR-DA3200ES receiver which is connected to my Samsung PS63B680 Plasma display. The resolution is set to 1920X1080 at 24hz through a Sapphire ATI HD4830 with a native HDMI output.

When I playback DVD isos within Vista Media Center using the VMC player everything is OK.

When I try to playback DVD isos using Arcsoft Total Media Theater 3 platinum I get only sound and no picture. I have to restart the HTPC to have the picture back. This does not happen when playing Blu-Ray or HD DVDs isos. I want to play DVD isos using TMT3 cause of the SIM HD plug in.

I tried to bypass the problem by connecting the DVI port of the card directly to the TV, so I get the picture directly to the TV, and the HDMI output to the receiver for getting the 7.1 PCM sound. I set the settings in CCC in cloning mode. This way I get picture directly on the TV + Sound from the receiver. The problem now is that I get stuttering when playing video

Is there a work around for this ???

Thanks a lot and sorry for the long post...
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