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Strange problems with AVR-2805....

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Hello All,

I've had two Denon AVR-2805's that have given me the same strange problems:

1. As soon as you connect a TV to the component outputs the 2805 shuts downs. It doesn't seem to go in to protection, but it shuts down hard. With nothing connected to the component outputs, it is fine.

2. Before the above problem started, the picture was distorted and cuts in and out when transcoding a VCR's signal from composite to component.

Has anyone else ran into this set of problems??????????????????


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I ran component from my 2805 with no issues at all. I would suggest that it's something funny about your set-up if it happened with 2 different units...
I also run component from 2805 without any problems. I agree with cneely8 - look beyond the receiver for the problem.
What kind of TV do you have? Is it possible your TV is backfeeding some current into your Denon? Depending on who you have for a cable provider, you can call for a service call and have them check for a "hot chassis". It wouldn't be the first time I have seen/heard of a TV doing such a thing and creating issues. Have you tried swapping your cords? Just a thought, Good Luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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