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So I have an older digital JVC receiver that has six channels, and can be put into all channel stereo mode. I guess each channel is theoretically putting out the same signal and power.

I have a pair of speakers that are non-bi-wireable but are 4 ohm and could use a bit of extra power....

Is it possible to have two channels feeding each speaker by either running a pair of wires to each speaker, or splicing signals from two channels into one wire...

For example:

Channel 1+ to Speaker 1+

Channel 1- to speaker 1-

Channel 2+ to speaker 2+

Channel 2- to speaker 2-

Channel 3+ to speaker 1+

Channel 3- to speaker 1-

Channel 4+ to speaker 2+

Channel 4- to speaker 2-

Will I short something out if I do this? Any help would be appreciated.

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