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Strange Remote Pins

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Does anyone know what the pins are for (looks like a connecter) that is located under the cover for the batts on the remote.
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Most upgradeable universal remotes have these pins.

You can send the remote back to the factory and they can plug

into it and update the chips so that it can add features (like

new device codes) without replacing the whole unit

Joe is right, this connector allows Universal Electronics, the people who actually make these remotes, to do whatever they like to them by hooking them up to a little black box that they have. You will find this same connector on all OEM remotes made by UEIC, including all the Radio Shack remotes, and some of the higher-end One For All remotes.

If any of the hackers out there have any spare time (maybe while the back-up job is running on your Replay drive), take a look at this connector and see if you can figure out what each pin does. We know what the pins on the older 3-pin remotes are for, but not the newer 6-pin versions.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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