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Ok folks, here is a problem I've never encountered.

My sister has an Acer Extensa 5630 laptop, which came with Vista 64-bit installed. Everything use to work fine until I upgraded her laptop to Win7 64-bit.

The audio via laptop speakers works fine, and in control panel, it has both the HD audio (for laptop speakers) and HDMI audio listed. As soon as you plug in a HDMI cable to the laptop and to a display, the HDMI audio disappears from control panel. Unplug the cable, it returns.

The cable is good, as it passes audio on a PS3.

FWIW, yes, the newest drivers from Acer's site for Win7 are installed.

Anyone ever experience this before? As of now, she can't pass any audio via HDMI to the display, which it worked fine under Vista.
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