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I currently have a very old Sony STRDE635 receiver that I finally must replace (as it does not do DTS and I have a new BD35) and have been looking at the Sony STRDG920. But I need to know if I can connect the sound card in my pc up to it.

Right now I'm using three 3.5mm stereo to dual RCA adapters to go from my Front, Rear, Center/Sub sound card inputs to the 5.1 section of my 635. I see that the 920 has a "Multichannel input" section but instead of "Rear" Left and Right there is a "Surround" Left and Right, and a "Sur Back" Left and Right".

Does anyone have any experience hooking up one of these to a sound card? I'd hate to purchase it and find out it's not what I need. If it will work, then I will likely purchase the STRDG920, for it's price is in my range.

[edit] I am now looking at the Denon 1909. It will cost more, but I have read so many outstanding reviews that I am wondering whether or not I have been shorting myself with my Sony receiver. I always thought my sound was great, but perhaps I was just ignorant as to what really good sound was like...

Thanks for your help!

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