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"streaking" on a Vu tech !!

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Anyone got any ideas here?. I have a Vutech 1.5 gain "brite white" 16:9 screen, and have noticed that on light coloured backgrounds, the picture displays a "streaking" effect - like sunshine through clouds.This effect is only visible when sitting directly in front of the screen - when watching from an angle, the effect is not visible.

It appears to be consistent across the screen - if I shuffle from one end of the screen to the other, the effect follows me until I am passed the edge of the screen.

If I was guessing, I would say it is almost as though the stuff which gives the screen its "gain", ihas been unevenly applied so the effect is equivalent to waves of 1.3/1.5 gain alternating across the screen.

As always, I strugglre to explain myself coherently, but anyone got any ideas ? (it is a little off putting).
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Sorry - I should have said I am using a HT200 DLP projector in a fully light controlled room.

Hmm, I have a Brite White and I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Are you projecting from above or below? My D-ILA is ceiling mounted and thus projects from above.

I have a Vutec Brite White 1.5 gain 84" diag 4:3 frame screen bought 2 years ago. My old Barco 701 was sitting on the floor and my current NEC XG85 is ceiling mounted. In both case the screen looks prefect to me sitting 6' away. Maybe you've a bad screen?


Li On
The projector is mounted on a shelf, 17ft from the screen with the lens level with the top of the screen (effectively shooting at a slight downward angle).

I think you are probably right, maybe it`s a "rogue" screen.I am due to be getting a visit from the UK distributer in the next couple of weeks to look at the problem - hopefully they will come up with an explanation (they have never heard of this effect before apparantly).

For the sake of interest, I`ll post their thoughts .

Thanks guys
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