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Hello AVSers,

I have been reading for awhile about streamers and HTPCs, but the rapid pace of development and my varied needs has me going in circles.... so I came up with a list of "requirements" I would like for my device to have, and hopefully you guys (and gals) with your experience might know of such a device that fits them... or at least point me in the right direction. Here we go:
  • netflix with search
  • 1080p
  • song streaming from nas (wma, mp3)
  • video streaming from nas (mkv,mpg,mp4,avi)
  • wireless n 5ghz
  • hulu
  • youtube
  • adult swim videos
  • (i guess this means i need some sort of browser?)
  • sirius internet radio (dont care about howard)
  • pandora
  • npr internet radio podcasts (not sure if podcasts are possible)
  • slick interface
  • low power
  • fast boot into 10ft interface
  • remote or iphone control (i like remotes for 10ft interface, i like iphone for text entry and list navigation)

I will also consider streaming from a windows home server, or mac mini server instead of a NAS, but picking that is a whole new decision. Briefly, I would like it to play nice with Mac snow leapored and windows Vista/7. In addition it would be nice if the Server/NAS could backup with time machine and backup windows. Oh, and I would also like to stream music to some sort of squeezebox style thing in the bed room.

I really do not have much HD video, or video at all on my hard drives, so most of my video consuptions will come from netflix and the internet. I am more concerned with netflix and easily listening to my music on my home theatre sterero. I would love to be able to start some audio streaming with just my iphone3Gs from an itunes server to the tv speakers... idk if that is even possible.

I looked into the "wd tv live hub" but found in a youtube review that it does not have netflix search. Some other ones that I have interest in are the NetGear Neo TV NTV550 and some of the Dune series products.

I think I have alot of demands and expectations, and mostly i need help with what is possible... do i need more of a streamer or an htpc... Maybe just one Mac Mini (running some software?) connected to the TV could do it all, and i can just forget the whoe server to streamer thing.

Thanks in advance.

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A simple inclusion of an ATV gen2 provides two of your requirements.......audio streaming and Netflix with iPhone remote support. Considering the $99 price tag, it's a good start. Also allows for iTunes movie downloads as well.

Include a proprietary Windows based PC/Server running iTunes and storing all of your DVD/BD rips and access that video content with the Netgear 550.

You need multiple devices to do what you want/need really well.

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Originally Posted by FlipTheBits /forum/post/19629172

Thank you for the response. What would you say puts it out of streamer territory? The browser requirement?

depends on the box. There is not a box out there that isn't missing at least a handful of your requirements. you're not even in the right zip code never mind in the ballpark. This is not going to change in the near future. start whittling down requirements, buy more than 1 box or build an HTPC.

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