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Streaming and downloadable surround music

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I'm a long time fan of Surround music, and I still have a bunch of DVD-A and SACD discs (especially progressive rock stuff). But more and more, I find myself listening to digital music on Spotify (streamed to my Denon via AirPlay). The sound quality is pretty good at 320kbps, but no surround mixes of course.

I recently started a Progressive Rock music discovery site that is focused on embedded, playable full tracks and videos content from Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, etc. Is there ANY chance that we'll get some form of mainstream 5.1 surround audio in downloadable or streaming format? Progrock really benefits from surround mixes, as anyone can see by a quick scan of the bands in recent threads here (Gabriel, King Crimson, Anathema, Storm Corrosion, Yes, Tull, ELP, etc.). I'd love to feature some surround stuff on my site. Any advice?

I won't post a link so that it doesn't come across as spammy. The name of my site is ProgSeeker, and you can probably figure out the URL from that (or feel free to PM me). If you check it out, please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
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