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Streaming apple lossless from PS3 media server

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Hi, read from PS3 media server forum and people say it should stream apple lossless in CD quality, but I can still hear slightly differences. The apple lossless streaming is less smooth, less dynamic and more electronic than CD. Its not very obvious but noticeable on my Onkyo SR806 and KEF speakers, and bad enough for me to go back to CD.

I do not understand why this happen, but maybe there are still loss in the re-sampling/re-encoding process, or the PS3 simply handle streaming and CD differently.

Please share your opinions.
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I am very happy with the sound quality, much better than my htpc (acer 8920). The sound is more solid and detailed but I haven't compare it with a cd sound.

I am using Yamaha Z11 as a DAC and AVR with Jamo D7 speakers, if you use 806's DAC for both cd player and PS3, there shouldn't be so much difference.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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