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Streaming device with browser?

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Do any of the roku type wifi devices have a built in browser? I realize streaming and real time are 2 different things but maybe there's one with a bare bones browser good for simple tasks?
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The Panasonic media streamers have an optional web browser app, but I didn't find it very useful. It's painfully slow typing out web site urls unless you have a proper keyboard. It's hard enough displaying modern web sites properly in one of the mainstream PC web browsers, let alone in a limited browser you're going to get on a media player. And you can forget about plugins and extensions for video and other advanced browser functions.

Some of the GoogleTV and Android devices have a more functional version of the Chrome web browser built in, combined with a full-keyboard remote control or an optional bluetooth keyboard. That might work a bit better.

But I think the only place it really works is with a full HTPC.
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