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Streamzap and WinDVD

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I just got a streamzap ir/usb remote and want to use it with WinDVD. Although it is advertised as supporting WinDVD, the support is minimal. For example, I would like to have a key for skip ahead (control-q) and repeat (control-b). The customizable macro keys only let you customize paths to programs to run, not simulate keyboard sequences.

Is there a way to make what I want happen?
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Well, no replies after 5 days. Is it just becasue of the holidays, or does no one use this thing?

Forgetting about WinDVD specifically, what I really want to know is how to map keys on this thing to arbitrary keyboard short cuts in an application. Surely that must be a common need.

I tried tech sypport at Streamzap. They have no phone contact, and their email contact gets nothing but a canned response.

Perhaps I got the wrong usb/remote. Is there something more flexible than Streamzap?
Well 3 weeks and no response, either here or from "tech support" at streamzap.

I'm open to any advice on how to use streamzap or any other usb/ir remote to better control windvd (or possibly some other player).

Perhaps there is some way to get windows itslef to alias keyboard keys (like the control-q) windvd needs for skip, to one of the keys streamzap can generate (like a number key).
Might have better luck at the HTPC forum. I'm kinda curious; StreamZap is the next thing I want to integrate with my Harmony remote.

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