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Streamzap support hasn't responded in a month with after contacting them 3 times. Apparently they don't support their product so I hope other Streamzap users can help me.

Does anyone have the "raw IR code" receiving in Girder working? I tried this with Girder 3.3 and it doesn't seem to receive raw IR codes. On the Streamzap download page it says it requires the Streamzap driver 2.9.7 but the latest version available seems to be 2.9.6?

Also, for anyone using the Streamzap with MCE, the "special" MCE commands don't seem to be working for me. "XP MCE:Back" doesn't quite work since it will not exit out of a popup menu. Also "XP MCE:Start" seems to be more like "select" and doesn't go to the main menu.

Thanks for any help.
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