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Stressing over which HDTV card and MCE2005. Why not both? Possible?

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I am in the process of building a HDTV PVR HTPC. I have been stressing over which HDTV card to buy and then I had a brainstorm.

Why not buy both and record 2 HDTV shows at the same time. Is this possible in MCE2005?

I could also pick up some QAM channels off of cable. Does anyone know if Comcast in Dallas/Fort Worth area offer any unencrypted QAM channels?


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Check out this thread. Although the thread title is not the most intuitive ;) it does talk about the questions you are asking --

MCE 2005 = junk?, also HDTV tuner cards (need general HTPC help)
Thanks psxjunky. I'm reading now!
I read the whole thread and it seems like 2 Fusion cards work, but no one knows about a Fusion card and an ATI HDTV Wonder together. I still have time to return my HDTV Wonder up until the 30th.

Has anyone tried 2 ATI HDTV Wonder cards or one ATI and one Fusion III?

Help! I have 3 days left to return my ATI Wonder.

GeekFunk mentioned in the above thread that apparently two ATI cards in the same system works. He referred to a FAQ in TheGreenButton forums, which I am trying to find and read up on right now.

I have only one ATI card right now but if two work in the same system, I am all for getting another one.

Why don't you be the guinea pig for us ;) and get another ATI card and try it out :)

If I find the relevant TGB thread, I will post it here. I will also ask GeekFunk if he has the link to the TGB FAQ.
I definitely MIGHT be the guinea pig, but I was trying to save myself the trouble since I am in the process of buying everything right now. I only grabbed the HDTV Wonder because it was $150 and came with a remote and antenna. It's quite possible that I will return it for 2 Fusion HDTV cards, but I'll lose my nice free antenna and remote.

My next question is if the remote is worth anything in MCE2005 anyway? This HDTV on a HTPC is stressful. It's been weeks and I can't seem to buy anything to at least get started.

There are plugins available to make the ATI Remote Wonder to work under MCE, but I personally like the MCE remote better than the ATI.

I use an universal remote (MX-500) for everything else, but for MCE I still prefer to use the Philips MCE remote.

However, after reading the recent Harmony remote thread here, I have decided to give the Harmony 680 a try ... including for my MCE needs. I will report back in a couple weeks on my experience.

If you DO try out two MCE cards, please do let us know about your experience.

Also, if you tell us a little bit more about what exactly is causing you stress in getting your HDTV on HTPC working, there are many of us here that will be willing to help.

Start by posting a detailed configuration of your machine (hardware and software), how far you have progressed, where you eventually want to go and last, but not the least, what is blocking you right now.

For some issues, like multiple HDTV tuners, you may not get a ready made answer since few people here would have actually tried it ... so in those cases you may have to lead the way, try it out and let us know.

If I get any convincing leads that two ATI HDTV Wonder cards do indeed work well in MCE, I will likely get another ATI card. if I do so, I will be sure to post my experience here ... I will need to do some research first, so it might take a while.
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Okay, looks like this is the FAQ item GeekFunk was referring to from the TGB MCE knowledgebase (with regards to two ATI HDTV Wonder cards under MCE).


Doesn't say much ... but it has been last modified by Jeff Griffin, a highly regarded developer at the TGB MCE forums ... so I just might try it out and see how it works :)
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