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Strong performers in the 32" value class?

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What are some suggestions for decent performing 32" LCD on the market today? The 32" segment seems to be a very competitive price point lately and my sister in law is looking for her first HD tv in this size. Looking for a middle-of-the-road TV, not budget but not necessarily high-end. Just something with a decent picture, a couple HDMI ports, and none sound / lip-sync issues like we've seen on our budget 26" lcd tv.
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Panasonic S1, probably the best "reasonably priced" 32" TV available.
for her uses any good brand TV would suffice i'm sure

720p should be perfectly acceptable as well as long as shes not viewing the TV really close (less than 3 feet close)

i would suggest any of Panasonic's 32" sets for the best viewing angles

32 X1 (720p) 32 S1 (1080p)

the panasonics will have some of the worst blacks but will have the best color and viewing angles vs other brands out there

Vizio, Sony, Sharp, LG, Samsung and Toshiba would all make fine choices as well and perform similarly to each other, most of them will have better blacks than the panasonics but will not have as good of viewing angles. these TV's will have their colors change/washout at off angles for the most part
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Thank you for the pointers and links to other threads. The Panny S1 does look promising, online prices are inline with the budget I think, wide view angles and better colors are likely more important than black-levels for this TVs use.
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